Go Paperless!

Go Paperless!

In addition to documents like month-end statements and tax information, Account View enables clients to go paperless for more than 75 additional document types. 

To go paperless, you will need to have access to your online client portal, Account View. Click here to learn how to get signed up or contact our office and we will send you a direct link to your email! 

Clients who elect to receive the majority of their communications electronically enjoy the following benefits:

  • Secure delivery of important communications 
  • Minimized exposure to identity theft 
  • Improved document management 
  • Less mail in their mailbox & fewer documents to dispose of safely
Account View

Account View

You can access your account and view your documents anytime with Account View, the secure online portal where yo have insight into your portfolios, positions, transactions and statements. 

  • Login to your account at www.myaccountviewonline.com
  • At the top of the page where it says "You are X% paperless" click on it. 
  • From there you can choose to either go 100% paperless for all documents or pick and choose what you receive paperless and by mail deliver. 
  • Additionally, you will need to sign a two-page document that you will
    request from us to finish the process. Please email us at
    hello@prinvestadvisors.com with the subject line EP1 and we can send to you via email or physical mail for your signature!


I am still receiving physical mail, though Account View shows I am 100% paperless.

  • Some documents are always delivered via physical mail. This is often due to compliance or security reasons. These documents can include, but not limited to welcome letters for new account openings, failed delivery notice when an email delivery attempt is rejected, confirmation of registration changes, etc. 
  • It can also take up to 2 months for our system to recognize requests to go paperless.

Some of my accounts have switched back to paper delivery.

  • When paperless documents are ready for viewing, Account View sends an email notification to the investor. If the email notification bounces back twice, the account is switched back ti paper delivery to ensure the investor receives their all-important documents. 
  • This could mean you are sharing an email address with a spouse. Best practice is to each sign up for Account View with their own individual emails. 

I share an email and account view login with my spouse, but we both want to go paperless.

  • All individuals in a household can receive paperless communications. It just requires a little extra set up. 
    • Each account holder needs to send us an email letting us know that you want your accounts to be designated as paperless. In this email, you will need to list the last four digits of each account number for the accounts you want to designate as paperless. The client must email you from the email account associate with your email on file. A single email can be used for multiple accounts, but each account holder must send an email request for the accounts they are owners on. 
    • Best practice would be using two separate emails and creating two separate Account View logins. 

Do I need Account View to go paperless? 

  • The short answer is yes! Account View is the eDelivery system. While your email is used to notify clients when they have new documents available, any documents containing sensitive personal or financial information must be protected by a secure login process. Using Account View makes it easier for you to view and access documents.

Can my advisor change my email address for me?

  • Only the client can change their email address. This is for their protection.
  • Once a client's elected to go electronic, their email address becomes the primary communication method by which they're notified of account activity. Your advisor can't change a clients email which ensures that you receive all required communications. 

Can I add my spouse to my Account View?

  • Yes. While each Account View profile provides access to the accounts for a single person by default, we can get verbal confirmation from your spouse to add their accounts to your Account View and vice versa. 

Why do they require a one-time passcode?

  • Account View uses two-step authorization, which requires the user to take additional steps to authenticate their account. This ensures the user is authorized to access the account. Two-step authorization is in place to better protect your client's accounts and reduce the risk of unauthorized access by verifying access wherever a new device or browser is used. 

Is there a mobile app?

  • After completing the activation process, clients can download the LPL Account View app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.