October is National Financial Planning Month

October is National Financial Planning Month

October 11, 2023

Why should you work with a financial professional?

Help with Cash Management– a financial professional can help you create an emergency fund: money that’s set aside for unplanned expenses. This may include looking at your “sources and uses” of money.

Help with Investment Approaches– When reviewing investment approaches, it’s critical to consider your goals, time horizon, and risk tolerance. Financial professionals can help you take these into account.

Help with Retirement Preparation – Only 18% of American workers are very confident they have saved enough to live comfortably in retirement.1 Proper preparation helps you better understand your choices, so you can be reach for what life brings.

Help with Protection Strategies– Anyone can face financial risks during their lifetime. Protection strategies can include health care considerations, an essential part of looking out for your loved ones.

Help with Tax Management – Tax rules change often, and there’s no guarantee that the tax landscape will stay the same. A smart tax management strategy is a key component of sound financial management.

Help with Estate Strategies – Much like tax rules, estate rules change over time. A financial professional can team up with legal professionals to create an estate strategy designed to fit your situation.

1. Source: EBRI.org, 2023