Let's Simplify the Holiday Season

Let's Simplify the Holiday Season

December 04, 2020

There is no doubt that the holiday seasons can be overwhelming and stressful especially this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Families are working out the kinks on how to stay safe while celebrating the holidays. Everyone is tired of social distancing and want to see their families on some of their favorite holidays. Along with the pandemic came unemployment for many families. These families still want to make these holidays special for their kids and be able to provide a holiday meal.

Holiday stress stems from Black Friday madness, being the hostess to your family holidays, gifts needing to be purchased, overspending, or too many priorities.

Let’s simplify this holiday season by thinking of ways to slow down, spend less and make it a peaceful holiday season.

Simplify your calendar. Only go to commitments you love. Whether that is a work party, neighborhood party, volunteering, dinners, or church events. This year should be easier to say no to things with the pandemic.

Find a new way to celebrate with your family. With COVID-19, a lot of families with stay home and not travel. This may seem stressful to miss out of family time, but it is better to stay safe. This year may be a great time to start a new family tradition.

Simplify your get together. Being a host for the holiday can be so much fun but can add so much stress. This year, many people will have to cancel their holiday plans but there are still ways to gather with your family safely. Keep the guest list small/ immediate family only or host over Zoom. Your guests are there to see and spend time with you, do not get too worked up about the menu or decorations.

Keep the gifts simple. Do not let long, expensive Christmas shopping lists get in the way of you having a stress-free holiday.

After the holiday season is over, we hope you can look back on it and realize you didn’t spend more than you could afford, you took advantage of time with your loved ones (even if that is over facetime or zoom) and you spent your time and energy on people and commitments that really meant something to you.